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Business Internet Access and Services

PCL - Provider of IT and Communication solutions for your business.


PCL Technology has a suite of products in their portfolio allowing us to supply a solution that will fit your company requirement. Whether this is the latest high speed DSL broadband service, a multi-site VPN or a leased line. We can also provide domain names, web and email hosting allowing us to provide a complete solution for your needs.

Business Broadband

Our Business broadband services offer high quality, affordable broadband with download speeds of up to 8Mb or up to 24Mb depending on your telephone line and location. These value for money packages provide a generous monthly download usage with the added benefit of purchasing extra usage if you require it, Along with free fixed IP addressing on all services as standard.

Fibre Broadband (FTTC)

Our Superfast Fibre broadband services offer download speeds of up to 40Mb and upload speeds of up to 10Mb depending on your location. These superfast services will allow your business to do more and quicker than ever before. Our services will deliver a premium internet experience for a fraction of the price compared to the traditional leased line option.

Leased Lines

Our Leased line solutions provide enterprise class connectivity to your business with speeds from 1Mb up to 1Gb. They are scalable, reliable and ideal if you need consistent high speed connectivity either between your sites, over the internet or to support your cloud services. Our Leased line services benefit from guaranteed upload & download speeds throughout the day including peak times and also offer a guaranteed SLA on uptime.


Our Ethernet First Mile (EFM) services provide a high speed service up to 10Mb. Unlike a traditional leased line which uses fibre to connect you to the exchange, EFM uses multiple copper pairs. This means lower costs, higher resilience and a much quicker installation time. These services also benefit from a symmetrical speed, so you get the same speed uploading as you do when you download. We can provide a range of speeds starting from 2Mb incrementing by 2Mb up to the maximum 10Mb. The speed available will depend on your location. Because EFM uses copper lines that are usually already in place, you benefit from cheaper installation charges and lower monthly rentals than you would normally against a traditional leased line with savings usually around 65%.