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Hosted Solutions

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PCL can provide a range of Hosted solutions to meet your business requirements.

Why use a Hosted IT solution?

A Hosted Solution will reduce infrastructure cost and gives greater flexibility. Hosted services like Microsoft Office 365 and Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 gives all the features of a local exchange server, but at a low cost per user monthly fee.

SIP Trunking

What is a SIP trunk?

A SIP trunk is a logical connection between an IP PBX and a Service Provider’s application server which allows voice over IP traffic to be exchanged between the two. When a call is placed from an internal phone to an external number, the IP-PBX sends the necessary information to the SIP trunk provider who establishes the call to the dialled number and acts as an intermediary for the call. All signalling and voice traffic between the IP-PBX and the provider is exchanged using SIP and RTP protocol packets over the IP network. What are the benefits of SIP trunking?

Flexible numbering - for example allows your customers to work from London on a Glasgow number
Supports multi sites, allowing ISDN Line rationalisation
Provides free calls between IP sites and lower cost calls to other destinations
Full business continuity model for businesses without Remote Call Forwarding charges
Scalable on a per channel basis
Can be utilised with existing customer premises equipment
Offers full emergency services support
Supports application convergence - business grade voice and internet services can be provided via one managed access connection when delivered over Ethernet.

Domain Hosting

Flexible Hosting packages to suit your needs PCL offer 4 types of hosting packages on either a Windows or Linux platform depending on your requirement.

PCL Starter Package Ideal for anyone that is creating a small, static website. Includes 3000MB Web Space, 3000MB/Month Bandwidth, upto 5 sub-domains and upto 5 Mailboxes.

PCL Starter Plus Package Ideal for a larger static site that requires just a little more. Includes 10000MB Web Space, 10000MB/Month Bandwidth, upto 10 sub-domains and upto 10 Mailboxes.

PCL Pro Package Ideal for larger sites that have a need for more space or MySQL Databases. Includes 25000MB Web Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, upto 100 sub-domains, upto 5 MySQL databases and upto 100 Mailboxes.
PCL Ultimate Package - Ideal for someone who wants it all! Includes unlimited Web Space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sub-domains, upto 10 MySQL databases and unlimited Mailboxes.